Belkin announces matter support and thread products

Belkin, who offers its own smart home devices under the wemo brand, is another well-known smart home manufacturer who will join the squad of matter supporters. The company announced at CES 2022 in Las Vegas that there will be new versions of three well-known products.

The Wemo Smart Plug, Wemo Smart Light Wall Switch and the Wemo Smart Dimmer are to be launched in a new version which supports the Thread wireless standard. Some of them are already listed in the manufacturer’s US store.

Later on in 2022, Belkin wants to enable the compatibility with matter via software update, but currently there is only talk of “matter via Thread”. Thus, the new standard will probably only come for the new devices, but not for the already available one‘s like the plug, switch and dimmer. It is still vague which products will be available in Germany, since Belkin is not very active with wemo here.