HomeKit: New HomeKit architecture coming via update

It has long been known that Apple is planning exciting innovations for HomeKit and the Home app this year. The introduction of matter is just one of them. Recently, however, there was some confusion about whether the iPad can still be used as a control center for HomeKit or not.

Now Apple (via Caschy) is bringing some light into the darkness, albeit only as a footnote. Later this year, the new Home architecture will be introduced via a separate software update in the Home app. This requires that all Apple devices that access Home have the new software installed. A Home hub is required for the joint control of the house and the reception of Home notifications, which is only supported by the Apple TV and the HomePod.

Nevertheless, the iPad does not completely drop out as control center. It can still be used to control a smart home. However, users will have to do without new features, although Apple has not yet provided more detailed information.