Hub function and matter for Samsung devices

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the new smart home standard matter is one of the exciting new topics. After LG, Belkin and Arlo, now Samsung has announced some more information:

According to Samsung, selected products will be equipped with SmartThings hub functions in the course of 2022. That means, the devices are able to act as a smart home control center. For instance, Smart TVs, smart monitors and refrigerators. Samsung has not mentioned specific models yet. It is still open whether there will be exclusively new devices or not. However, Samsung devices will support matter, thats for sure.

The new devices will probably not completely replace the existing SmartThings hub, except Samsung also integrates other wireless standards like Thread, Z-Wave and Zigbee into its home appliances devices next to WLAN. For Samsung Smart TV’s it is planned to have a USB stick to upgrade the devices with Zigbee 3.0.