Matter: Philipps Hue and Wiz are on board

Having as many manufacturers as possible using matter as a connecting standard will lead the new technology to sucess. Signify and Philipps Hue’s press release arrive opportunely: Both well known manufacturer of lighting systems decided to be part of matter.

The 2nd generation of Philipps Hue bridge shall be updated free of charge in Q4 2021 to be ready for the new Smart Home standard. The update allows Philips Hue to be compatible with more hubs and manufacturers as it is already. The used radio protocoll is Zigbee.

Also Wiz, a brand of Signify, has announced to be part of matter. As their existing wifi lighting portfolio is not easily updatable to matter, a new product generation is planned. Starting September 2021 all new Wiz products shall be matter capable. A planned software update will activate the new standard later on.