Samsung speaks on his plans with SmartThings and matter

Despite Samsung is one of the founding members, they act with reserve in relation to matter and Samsungs own platform SmartThings. This has changed with Samsungs Developer conference, where matter was one of the main topics.

Matter will be used as managing and control standard in our worldwide product portfolio, said Jaeyeon Jung, Vice president of Samsung. Devices of the Galaxy series, Samsung TV’s and devices for household appliances will be among them, With this statement it is clear, that the Smart TV’s as well as the fridges of Samsungs Family Hub series will be equiped with the new standard.

Starting from spring 2022 Samsung will integrate matter standard to SmartThings in addition to Z-Wave and Zigbee. There are also plans to have Thread included in the SmartThings platform, Jung told.

In preparation they already launched their new developer platform SmartThings Edge in August 2021. The new platform enables to create automations and instructions locally in your home network, which is a requirement for all matter compatible products. In addition, the new platform shall simplify the development in order to attract more developer.