Smart home products from Google support matter

Google has already committed to the new smart home standard matter. Now, at its developer conference Google I/O, the company has revealed a few more details and given a preview of which Google devices and services will support matter at launch.

In the Nest portfolio, the Nest Hub smart display (2nd generation), the Nest Hub Max smart speaker and the Nest Wifi mesh system are to support matter and also act as a hub for the Thread wireless standard. The Google Home, Nest Mini (1st+2nd gen.), Nest Hub (1st gen.) and Nest Audio WLAN devices are also to receive a software update to support Thread. The same applies to the Nest Thermostat, which is not available in Germany. The company has not yet commented on other products.

The Google Home app is also supposed to get support for matter, so it can also work with matter devices in the future. The Android operating system will also automatically recognize new matter products during setup and offer them for installation if they are equipped with Bluetooth. A popp up window will open automatically, as Apple users already know from the startup of Apple devices like the HomePod.